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Mar 8, 2010

Who's Driving the Car?

Several years ago when BB (my SO) used to live in another town, there was a bridge I had to cross (just an short overpass). I became aware slowly that I seemed to blank out between the turn just before the bridge until up to a mile later. Fastforward.

My physical therapist is the first left after a blue overpass. I drive under it. I keep missing the turn under the bridge. So I became diligent about keeping the blue bridge in my sights so I would not miss the turn but I would focus on the blue bridge and the next thing I know I'm beyond my turn.

I don't know if it's all bridges or these bridges are near "secret" areas. One was near a known place of abuse for another survivor. The blue bridge is connected to a military base.

I'm sharing in hopes it helps me break that dissociation and also maybe help some to become more aware of triggers on the road.

It's scary to me for those unhealed. I know I have a safe driver for when I blank out. I think how easy it was in the past for another driver to take over and leave me not remembering anything except going to my planned destination.

Ask inside if there can be a designated safe driver who can keep others out of the driver's seat. Please be safe.

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Anonymous said...

*Almost* makes me wish I'd thought to designate a driver before I gave up my driver's license--I just wasn't in the right place yet then. Sure glad you have one and can be safe.