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Jun 21, 2011

Histamine Programming

I knew I had histamine programming from the alters who had it though really didn't understand how I was made to be that way. What happened was, at age 16, I had my first full blown allergy attack. My face swelled into a monstrous shape. I tested positive to everything except food allergies and had been on shots into my 30s. I also had chronic sinus infections. It took me years to realize the shots caused the sinus infections and had kept myself in a nonstop cycle for ages.

Possibly I wrote of this before. Several alters would constantly sneeze when trying to speak the truth. I understand that, throughout my life, I was thrown into an allergy attack if my mind got too close to anything of subconscious importance. I found a natural remedy to correct the imbalance of histamine my body was trained to produce. Pycnogenol pine bark (as opposed to grape seed extract) reduced the histamine produced by the body. It limits the manufacture rather than taking additional drugs (antihistamines) to squelch the invaders.

My previous post speaks of the rash I experienced over the weekend which I realized was a body memory based on doctors being totally baffled by it. I recalled though that it began in the very tips of my fingers this past Friday night. If I had been given injections of histamine to cause the itching, it was beneath the nail beds and between the toes.

I couldn't find the original article I had located on the internet of using hypnosis to convince people they were allergic to roses (even when shown an artificial rose). Thought something like that had happened to me. But the injections of histamine in huge quantities to create that reaction in me would have eventually caused my body to adapt to the larger amount.  Hence, testing positive to anything that was an irritant to the skin.

When, in early healing, I made a connection of trauma to breathing, my allergies died down on their own and between that winter of my realization and spring, I vowed I would no longer have hayfever beginning that year. And I haven't. When I found the Pycnogenol (I use the GNC brand), I started with 3 a day for a month and weaned to one a day where I've stayed since at least 2000. But earlier this year, I thought I was probably fine without it and, because it is expensive, thought I'd go off it. That was about three months ago. Am guessing the histamine level has grown and may be the reason the memory was even able to emerge in my body. I'll be back on it early July when GNC goes on sale.

Horrid programming but it was easy to stop and keep it stopped. Mind and body connection are amazing. Am still reeling at how few doctors are aware of somatic memories. They could do so much more to help their patients if they had just some foundation of it in their education. Maybe one day in a better future.


Anonymous said...

I have never heaqrd of histamine programming. Am I correct to understand they made you "allergic" by injecting you with histamine when you were being abused, so that hte memory of the abuse would be tied to the allergy? So as to control your ability to tell the truth, because everytime you'd remember the abuse, your body would react by becoming allergic?

Grace said...

@Astridetal, Basically, yes. If I consciously, for instance, would try to understand the Vietnam War, I'd suddenly have a huge allergy attack. Focus becomes self care and forget original thought. Am sure studies are still online of inducing "fake allergies" but my body's production of histamine was manipulated internally by alters with that job. My personal validation was when the allergies just slowed down and stopped after connecting them to breathing trauma...not even the specific histamine programming. You had a good understanding so I guess I explained it ok. Everything is so complex. Thanks for reading the post!

Michael Finley said...

Just stopping by.

Was MKULTRA from birth non-family though 6th grade. MKULTA school beside elementary school tunnel between them.

The concept was that the cults would keep track of those that went through the MKULTRA training and programing.

I stay away from the term experiment. They knew as much about what they were doing as behavioral scientist do now. It was modeled much on the Manhattan project and the space race and as well funded. The money was funneled through the CIA the universities and colleges did the work often subcontracting the trauma to the cults or organized crime.

We figure out the programing on our own. It is nice to know that others had similar programing. I has Peter Pan, OZ (the book) and Alice and wonderland programing.

The cults learned from the behavioral scientists and educators and are still using the knowledge today.

Journey on,


Grace said...

Hi Mike, There were many subprojects of MK-Ultra. Whatever program I was in went far beyond sixth grade. Much of what you wrote was my experience too. Thanks for sharing those connections. Am sure they varied as little as possible with regard to the trauma and programming formula. Appreciate the validation.