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Feb 7, 2009

Day of the Dolphins

She speaks to dolphins
She speaks to dolphins - by grace2244 on

I believe in a post on this or another blog I mentioned how I absolutely believed the dolphins in the 80s movie Day of the Dolphins were really talking. My then husband assured me it was sound effects only. Fastforward to the late 90s when memories of being part of government research and programs begin to surface. A little alter spoke to me while I was bathing one night. Sounding very calm and rather happy, she announced she was a mermaid and could speak to dolphins. That was also my first year of the internet. Searching dolphins and speech, I came upon tons of information about John C. Lilly, M.D.

I invite you to google him. Not all of his book titles are clear on the collage. He invented the isolation tank in the early 50s which is in my memories as a sensory deprivation device. Lilly also was involved with experimentation with ketamine and hallucinogens. He had affiliations with the CIA and naval/government research. Much of his research focused on understanding the mind of the dolphin and interspecies communication.

I have no proof I was in direct contact with John Lilly. What my alter told me has credence though. You can hear the dolphins saying one syllable words on one of the websites. By the way, ketamine is an anesthesia that was used to allow the child/victim to remain awake during the trauma with no ability to move. Lilly died in 2001. He was active with the government experiments in the 50s and 60s when I was in early programming years.

What's sad is I would love to consciously know how to communicate with dolphins. I wish I could have a non-traumatic experience.


asrais said...

So cool that you even one of you can speak to dolphins. We love dolphins.

Checking out some of the links and stuff and I feel and intense feeling of ... wrongness out there.

Do you get a lot of condemening comments. Like how could this really be possible and we have no idea?

It's completly surreal, yet I totally believe it. I don't have enough memories to guess what happened to me as a child.

Grace said...

It is surreal. Even to me. But everything I've remembered has some research showing the technology was available to do such things. I leave it to people to look it up themselves instead of taking me at my word. I've been fortunate to have only polite and supportive comments. Thank you!