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Feb 1, 2009

Twinning Revisited

Girl, Interrupted
Girl, Interrupted - by grace2244 on

This concept may be highly triggering to unhealed survivors. It is important for the world who cares to listen and hear. Twinning made it extremely difficult to undo my programming especially as it related to "Dragonfly" (my subconscious gender identity as male). I did a previous collage but this one breaks it down to a little more manageable and understandable. So, here goes.

Recently President Obama began the closing down of the "secret CIA bases". This is a start but there are locations outside of government jurisdiction carrying on with the level of technology needed to achieve the desired results. Some assumptions must be made to be open minded to what happens to exploited children of highly sophisticated child exploitation organizations.

A very sophisticated underworld of organized child exploitation exists.
  • Techniques have been used for generations to cause children to dissociate.
  • Repeated trauma at a young age by a primary care taker or someone with sufficient access to the child may cause the child's dissociative mechanism to take over.
  • The extreme of dissociation is DID.
  • DID is only possible to create typically in preschool children (unless a new technology has changed that).
  • The deliberate creation of multiple personalities in babies and young children is a primary objective of the organized child exploitation community.
Twinning is a highly traumatizing and bizarre concept. I believe there is/was a strong connection to Mengele because of his ability to experiment with total disregard for the welfare of twins in the concentration camps. The twinning programming depicted in the above collage pertains to a specific purpose. It is different from finding alters who are internal twins, which apparently happens a lot by design or not.

A few more assumptions:
  • Men born into the organized pedophile community tend to marry dissociative women. It is along the lines of carrying on the generational "business".
  • Women who are brought into the programming aspect have no memory of whatever happened. They may recall going to a baby check up but lose time from there.
Recipe for twinning:
Two pregnant mothers with close delivery dates are needed (planned), preferably already part of the programmed, conditioned, community that "harvests" babies for exploitation. In my case, my mother's sister-in-law were both pregnant and due a month apart. The photo I show in my collage of my male cousin and me was taken in Aberdeen. Neither of us looks like alert happy babies.

Prenatally, babies are able to listen to each others' heartbeats through stethoscopes and possibly more technological equipment today in much the same way twins learn how to hear and communicate with each other in the womb. Twins are born already having a bond. The same is true for babies bonded prenatally and allowed to continue bonding externally as playmates as well (although abuse is also shared simultaneously creating a trauma bond).

I don't know if Mikey was made dissociative like me. Likely he was. I recall him in places in early childhood where someone would have had to get him to my location. I seem to remember him at nursery school in Germany. The bonding continues until the horror is planned. Mikey's death memory was so traumatic and the programming so intricate and intense, I'll never know exactly what was done. The objective was for me to solidify his presence as an alter inside me with me believing somehow I was him--male.

Specific cues were given for the switch from male to female identity to take place since naturally I was female in my conscious world. In about five collages, I keep surprising myself by looking at the collage as a whole after completion, only to see I am flipping over backwards as a female ending up upside down as a male. At that point, the presenting alter would believe s/he was male in a male body without a penis, as opposed to a man living inside a female body. "I" was known as the "she shell". They lived in a she shell as a cover. This is all undone now which is why I have these answers.

I've explained how Mikey was in my life until age 11 when he "died". But he may have been in my adult life. I don't have that answer now. My cousin has no memory of abuse but has published writings which go into that very dark world all survivors know. I'm sure it is his subconscious speaking.

More kinds of twinning
To compound matters, twinning can be done with one young child and a prenatal child. That is what happened with my younger sister. Except we were not allowed to bond except pre-birth. I have conscious memory of being thrilled about "my baby". But within a month, I was made to believe she was destroyed at my hand. Very different dynamic. Still twinning.

To what end?
What is the advantage of having a girl who believes she is a boy in every respect except the conscious world? While I've stated this in another post and/oro blog, it is worth repeating. Part of it is the unbelievability factor. The other is the stark extremes of being made to believe something my being would reject vehemently. Ellie was shattered being forced to submit to the abusers' will that she was to accept herself as male. She was the she shell who produced the cockleshells (my own pun...I think). What did it do to me in my conscious world when I woke up and was treated and dressed as a girl? Because of my subconscious history of my system, Raven (Mikey who first appeared to me as female/transvestite), apparently was often part of high society in gowns and jewels believing he was using his she shell for undercover operations...whatever that means. The constant extremes in believe established in my system kept me highly dissociative.

I can see from my plethora of collages in the past month that my internal prison was awful having my system set up in this sophisticated manner. While believability is questionable, think how implants began being used for animals and now are being used on children "for their protection". The implants contain important information to locate a child if lost. But what else can it be designed to do? These are the kinds of questions society needs to look at very carefully.

I monitor news daily and find many who seem to want to take up the cause of stopping child exploitation but still are missing this very important piece--deliberate creation of multiple personalities. Is it a miracle that I survived to remember this much? I can't prove it so it can't be published in the psychological literature. We need to build our own very protective villages to keep a wary eye on this virtually invisible enemy. One fact that supports the ongoing efforts of this evil underground is the continuing increase in the child sex and slave trade. Which highly influential person will finally take on this issue and "run with it"?


Anonymous said...

I wonder sometimes if surviving 'no matter what' was part of the plan.

It's a crime how little worth children have in the world. When I worked in Child Protection in the 70s and 80s no one would even speak of MPD in children, then in the 90s the FMS folks suing had everyone running sacred. At least today doctors will consider trauma dissociation and CPworkers have a chance of getting children help. Still, the laws and treatment are sorely lacking.


Grace said...

Interesting you should say that. I have often gotten to the message that I was trained to be a cockroach--to live no matter what. Not okay to die by my decision. The flip side is recalling tons of survival training under the most horrific & extreme circumstances. For what purpose? Life eternal for the privileged few? I just don't know...

Anonymous said...

We know now that we have a dual purpose: survive at all costs & need to be dead.

They run along side with equal importance. It's the ultimate "double bind." Nothing was ever supposed to be our decision. We had no "free will."

Yes, when I say "extreme training," it's not like the games you see on TV or what most soldiers get. It's even beyond what friends in special forces get, AND I'VE ASKED!

I think we were the experiment to see if you can push a child to extremes and then put them back out into the "normal world" without skipping a beat. We went, but we skipped a few important beats, not that anyone noticed.

Feeling bitter today.