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Jan 16, 2009

Sophisticated conditioning

We are now into the forbidden part of the Forbidden Topic. We have been just by my presenting this topic. But I can't go further without shifting into the language that goes with it. I would hope those wanting to learn about this underground have absorbed sufficient information (and done your own research) to understand how devious and despicable the world of organized pedophilia is to children.

The word I've been avoiding in the blog now has a time and place. If you accept that this underworld has proven techniques to deliberately create a child with multiple personalities, then you can at least consider the possibility that more sophisticated methods exist than to terrorize children and make porn movies along with other categories of child exploitation.

What would benefit an organization that wishes to remain hidden when it is committing crimes? People who are part of the organization in strategic positions is essential. Not all judges and police and attorneys general are pedophiles, but it is known by the organization who is "one of them". Damage control by letting cases get lost in a pile or dismissing charges on technicalities or other means are available, to include attacking the victim's sanity for believing such things are happening.

What about training for the victims? What would benefit the organization? Employees within child services organizations is one area where an alter can keep an eye on cases and follow orders to remove certain files and/or copy certain documents. For an even broader scope, think of any government agency. Remember spy vs. spy in Mad Magazine. One agency wants to know what is happening in another agency. No one wants to be caught though. By having conditioned alters respond to cues for gathering or relaying information, the organized crime has the perfect set up. If the victim were to be caught in the act of stealing or doing something with files against company policy, an alter with no knowledge of the covert activities would present and truly have no idea about crimes. The employee would successfully pass a polygraph test. And if the victim of the programming were to be caught "red handed", no one in the organized crime arena could be identified.

What about insider stock tips? What if a victim subject to this kind of programming (which some call mind control) were trained to relay information covertly in an alter state so the host of the body were clueless about any illicit activities?

The amnesia is the greatest and most reliable cloak for the underworld. Since memories won't surface for decades, what does it matter? Except that the underground world has continued in those decades producing more and more children with dissociative states.

I've alluded to system structures and names used for different systems or parts of a system which correspond to types of alters. At this point, I think it's time for me to take that leap into the very hidden world of programming. I don't know how I was conditioned, but I know what happened to me. I've come to understand some very complex and sophisticated programming that serves to both devastate and simultaneously create extremely loyal alters to the group.

The underground military and government centers where programmers are trained and victims in the more sophisticated groups are taken periodically for specialized training do exist and is ongoing. I am uncertain about local places where I may have been taken for sophisticated conditioning, but am 90% positive of certain locations, especially those I have visited since memories surfaced.

The term mind control tends to frighten people but when a child learns to obey adults with great power over them and are continually threatened with their life, they are controlled children. They live in fear of not obeying. Conditioning is a kinder term and maybe more digestible. Programming seems most suited for what is happening. The abusers want a specific response by a specific alter under certain conditions. This can be expanded to back up alters or a group of alters, each with a job, working to complete a specific task. In the end, a crime has been committed (even if the commodity is only information) for which the victim has no conscious memory.

What can be more evil than viewing any baby born into this world as a new commodity ripe for conditioning? That's what we survived...we being survivors collectively. This is what I survived and now am able to share. All that remains is for good people to listen and to act.

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