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Oct 28, 2008

Advanced spinning

Please read my earlier post on stopping internal spinning if you have not done so before reading this post. One method that might work is simply asking for the one(s) inside causing the spinning and asking if they can stop so you can speak with them. The reasoning that many alters will accept (sooner or later) is that, at one time, the job of causing the spin was helpful. Now that you are healing, the spinning is not working toward that goal. You can ask the spinner to join the safe place to heal or to agree to stop the spinning and consider the change in jobs (undoing the spinning or simply leaving to heal). If the choice is the latter, you'll still want to stop/dismantle/destroy the elements causing the spinning. My previous post addresses how to undo it if no one answers the question as to who is causing the spin.

There is a more complicated form of spinning. Some spinning, if stopped, is designed to set off another or several spin programs. I had in my collages the alters Dorothy and Toto (an adult female holding a baby). The baby was Toto. I don't give them their names... Underneath their picture were words about cyclones and strong winds and being the strongest force. It meant nothing to me at the time. I was in therapy and had undone a smaller spinning when I suddenly felt as if I were reeling. What an awful feeling. I could see Dorothy. The collage flashed in my head of her holding her baby. Inside she wasn't holding her baby. Since I was barely able to focus, when my therapist heard me holler that she didn't have her baby, she asked if a protector could find Dorothy's baby. That was done and the whirling stopped almost immediately after Dorothy had her baby in her arms. Collaging/artwork/just cutting out photos can help immensely.

For me and for two clients who used collaging, there is a sixth sense. How is it that the answers are there to help before the memory surfaces? My explanation is that there is a guide to the healing process that leads us to find the answers before releasing the memory. I'm sure I would have ended the "cyclone" eventually, but those images helped to make it a very short experience of feeling like I was in the center of a cyclone...or tornado like the Wizard of Oz. Sophisticated pedophiles will use children's story and pervert them to set up these cause and effect internal responses. Notice how I used a field of poppies as the leading image of my most recent video? That was me giving me a clue to my current memory. Consciously, I chose poppies and sunflowers as images of Italy which I find soothing and healing. Yet after creating the video, I realized I had an internal field of poppies that was causing me to be very sleepy in trying to process the current memory. Interesting, eh?

Another thread unraveled.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Grace,
Our abuse happened in Kansas, so Wizard of Oz was extensively used in our "training". In the country on a supposed farm (same as where Dorothy lived) there were connected basement rooms under a barn called "The Underground Temple" among a few other names. A lot of the rituals happened in this place.

When the primary abuser would come by to get us to be abused, he was the "spinner who came to dinner". This meant it was time to go to the "basement" because spinner=tornado. It also meant he was a liar.

Once i got a phone call which said to follow the "yellow brick road", among other things. I believe now this meant to drive to the UT in a trance. The roads near the temple had names that were used as code for Oz programming.

There were also at least several types of spinning devices in a hidden room of the barn. Much more to this topic.

Thank you so very much for caring enough to have your blogs, they have helped me to understand so much,