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Oct 25, 2008

A great coping skill

Most people with DID have no problem moving inside which makes guided imagery a great coping skill. I first learned of Belleruth Naparstek through my therapist as a tool for my clients. I acquired a basic collection and listened to each wanting to make sure I knew exactly what was being said and knowing it agreed with my own philosophy. I personally like the imagery for depression. The focus is on relaxing, safety, and good messages. It's not about depression as much as moving away from that place in your mind.

Many of my clients loved the CDs (which are now available as Mp3 downloads). Most fell asleep to them. What I most love about these programs is that it is fine to fall asleep because the subconscious will still hear the good messages. I have the ones I personally use on my iPod. I just got the CD for preparing for surgery because of an upcoming sinus surgery and my total lack of energy to go through another surgery. That's how much I believe Belleruth can help me. (I just learned of the Mp3 availability getting the link for this article!)

The CDs are focused on various issues. Some CDs are very similar. I personally prefer the depression "journey" to the anxiety one. Both accomplish the same goal...relaxation. A great one for later in healing is Healing Trauma (PTSD). It's overload if early in healing. Initially I listened to one CD at least twice a day, with once being at bedtime. If IBS is an issue, it is an excellent CD for anyone with not only IBS, but pain in the pelvic or intestinal area. I used it for healing throughout my surgeries when I had Stage IV endometriosis that impacted the entire pelvic area.

Most CDs are under $20. The Mp3 downloads are about $12. I'm sure you will find your favorites. If you don't know where to start, choose the one for coping with Depression. Then listen to whatever CD you choose. Listen to it when you are sad or depressed. Listen to it just to relax. It's good for your mind and body not to be focused on what needs to heal every minute of the day. The shift into quiet mind is healing without the work, and a much needed skill simply for life.

The CDs are available on as well as healthjourneys. The breathing technique used in the imagery is a good skill to use anytime you need to wind down a notch or two. Am hoping Belleruth's voice becomes as soothing to you as it remains to me.

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Andrea said...

I just have a little question . . . what if just the thought or words of relaxation etc make everything inside fall apart, get blurry and huge fear. Thank you.