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Oct 15, 2008

Safe Support for Survivors

Since joining the blogging community on this topic, I have made some very nice friends in the survivor community. Through those friends, I was made aware of several online support groups for those with DID. A link list is provided to the right for those who wish to explore them.

Safety is a priority for all three groups. I know the administrators of two of the groups (an online relationship). They are healing, sharing, and providing the resource of others providing support to all who would like a safe place to go.

While I have not yet participated in iSurvive, it is highly recommended by several as a place to share and garner support during rough times. They have a stringent screening process before accepting new members which I highly commend.

Hidden Shadows maintains a closeknit group. It is a well monitored site by a compassionate and caring survivor.

Ivory Gardens feels like an oasis of safety and support to enter. Much effort is made to keep it safe. A special area is set aside for littles and there are features to promote discussion such a topic of the week and even fun participation for the bigs.

Understand that in choosing a support group, there is always a chance of someone joining under false pretenses to make life difficult for those trying to heal. That is one element that is closely monitored. Unfortunately, the bad guys holding onto their goal of not allowing survivors to heal, do try to wreak havoc. They target respected support groups and launch propaganda campaigns to the members to make them fearful to continue.

Just be aware that this happens. Membership has to be "cleaned out" occasionally because of some people out there to undermine places of healing. If your moderator has been fair and supportive and keeping you safe, use your best judgment if you begin to receive negative information about the moderator or support group.

In the same vein, if any support group I recommend appears not to be maintaining the safety needed for it's members, I will remove the name from the list. My decision to support these three groups is based on my own knowledge and has not been influenced by anyone else.

I believe such groups can be extremely helpful in healing, especially when a therapist is away at a conference, on vacation, or otherwise absent. And even more importantly, when a survivor is between therapists. I'm so pleased that there are a number of safe choices since I was last in this community about 10 years ago.

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My Monster said...


I saw you have iSurvive listed as one of your resources here and wanted to let you know a great way to support this tremendous non-profit organization. I am currently trying to involve bloggers to raise money, and it is as easy as making a post! I am a survivor and like you have found great support at iSurvive. I hope you will help the cause by "Blogging For A Cause". Here is some more information, if you are interested:

Thank you for being a part of the abuse survivor community!

My Monster